Venus eTariff. It’s what you need.

Why VENUS eTariff?

One click of the mouse… The reason Venus eTariff stands alone is clear. With one click of the mouse, your priority orders can be incremented for the section you’ve selected. Tariff sections can be viewed in real time in a tree structure which can display the history of versions for a section by automatically sorting proposed effective dates and priority orders. Thus, before dealing with the submission of filings with FERC, Venus eTariff allows you to view the version history in the same manner FERC organizes the tariff section history. Don’t delay; click here for your FREE TRIAL.

The Power of the cloud… Because Venus eTariff is powered by the Microsoft Dynamic Cloud Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”), as opposed to our competitor’s server sites, we are protected by a SaaS infrastructure that WILL NOT FAIL. With an internet connection and standard browser, Venus eTariff can be implemented anywhere in the world. There is zero software cost and, with Venus eTariff, you can forget about headaches past. There are absolutely NO DOWNLOADS, NO SOFTWARE INSTALLATIONS, NO HARDWARE INSTALLATIONS, NO MAINTENANCE COSTS and NO NEED FOR WASTEFUL SPENDING ON TECHNICAL CONSULTATION.

At Venus Tech Inc. we take care of everything for you and, designed by experts with former ties to FERC, we offer the best quality in the industry. The Venus eTariff product will incorporate all tariff changes recommended by FERC and allows unlimited filings, 24/7/365, from anywhere in the world. Our outstanding customer support staff offers filing services help and consultation and we offer next day implementation and training plan. To learn more about how you can become FERC order 714 compliant, without the headaches and hassles, click here.

eTariff Product Features

  • Easy to create filings.
  • Auto Filing status update from FERC including section status history. No need to manually merge databases. Your master tariff is always up to date.
  • Auto-create the Marked and Clean attachments to filings.
  • One click filing submission to FERC Sand Box.
  • Rich Word interface to create and edit Rich Text Format ("RTF") content.
  • Our Rich Word interface allows you to Drag and Drop the RTF documents or html pages, no need to type section RTF.
  • Most of the FERC business rules will be checked before creating the Extensible Markup Language ("XML").
  • Supports both RTF and PDF.
  • Supports creation of all 26 different sets of sections.
  • One click re-creation of multiple sections by increasing priority order or set type, which saves time and resources.
  • Version control for tariff and section data.
  • Compare versions before you make filing.
  • A tariff tree view for each set allowing real-time view of tariffs.
  • Generated pre-validated XML, which guarantees filing acceptance at the FERC 99% of the time.
  • Attachments supported based on the filing type.
  • Venus Tech will file to FERC on your behalf.
  • Role based security to help companies secure data between users.
  • Multiple companies allowed on one account to manage all tariffs.